My plan with “DUNEMIS MANUFACTURING CO.” has always been to create my own self-sustained business. I hope to do that by acquiring the money needed to buy specific tools and machinery so that I can handle all aspects of my products and their creation and presentation from start to finish; from production to packaging to order fulfillment.

The acquisition of tools and equipment will also allow me to develop the second side of DUNEMIS–the part I didn’t think was possible yet–a community oriented space located in Pomona, CA. I hope to open the factory up to the community and be the opportunity and place for a person without any opportunity to come and learn a skill, a trade, an art form or a new path for their life, at little or no cost. Whether that’s by learning screen printing, design, coding, wood or leather work, an art form or even about business. In the future I hope to invite other local business owners to speak or give workshops, as well as friends and colleagues I have throughout other industries. These are only some of the ideas and they are just the starting point. I have a bunch more floating around my head that I’m trying to flush out. I am not looking to “change” someone’s life, but simply let DUNEMIS be the tool and opportunity for them to make a better, happier life for themselves and those around them.


Pomona is a young city, with a third of its population under the age of 18. 35% of adults (25+) have less than high school degree and only 16% ever complete college. 18% of Pomona’s population live below poverty level and crime is double the national average. It was recently ranked the #8 most dangerous city in California. I pulled a quote from a state site where Pomona was described as “a city trapped in a cycle of poverty and hopelessness”.


I believe whole heartedly that there are so many great minds out there — an artist, an entrepreneur, someone who has a great idea or work of art and doesn’t know how to get it out or who has just never had the place of opportunity to realize their potential and probably never will. This person will be forced to settle like so many have and die without having expressed this thing inside of themselves. We and this world will never know the joy of experiencing that thing, all for that person simply not having the opportunity. This is where DUNEMIS can BE the opportunity.


Here is one of the locations in the city that I am looking at to set up shop once I can secure enough funding and support. One of my partners will be helping the project by purchasing some of the silkscreen equipment in the coming months or so, so I can start building the tool inventory.

Location: Pomona Packing Plant
Address: 560 E. Commercial St. #10 Pomona, CA 91767
Unit Type: Industrial Live/Work Loft
Square Footage: 2,150
Once I figure how to fully articulate all of this information and my overall idea for this, I’ll maybe run a Kickstarter campaign, ask for donors, create a monthly support system where the donor will receive exclusive DUNEMIS products in return for their contribution. I’ll also be allocating 20% of all DUNEMIS sales to this project. These are just a few of my financial ideas as I figure out how to make this fully self-sustainable from the inside. If you would like to be a part of this or would like more info, please contact me by using the form below.

Thanks for your time.


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